What is your idea about Brazilian Carnaval?

Yes, it writes Carnaval, and its unique.Can´t be translated. Can 
hardly be explained. 
Must be enjoyed.

If you think the main points of the biggest popular party in the world are naked women and easy sex of any kind, you´re wrong. 

This distorted idea has been disseminated by the midia and tourism agencies. Of course they are true - anywhere, any time, all over the world - and Carnaval in Rio is not an exception.

Maybe that´s why tourists from abroad become so surprised and fascinated with the party itself. 

Martinho da Vila, a reknown Brazilian samba composer, a proeminent member of Vila Isabel Samba School, calls attention to the many artists involved in the show in the lyrics of one of his songs, literally translated bellow by my friend 
Google Translate. 
"... Glory to those who work year round in joint effort.
 They are sculptors, painters,
 embroiderers, carpenters, glaziers, seamstresses,
 costume designers, designers and craftsmen
 People committed to building illusion

And we all have dreams..."

Each Samba School has an hour and a few minutes to show their year round work in a parade that takes place at Sambódromo, a boulevard specially built for this purpose. 

Martinho´s lyrics goes on :
"...One may be king, a pirate or a gardener
 For everything is over on Wednesday...
 At the crack of dawn the hills are colored
 Costumes worn on the avenue
 Become curtains, flags...
 reasons for living..."

 Each Samba School chooses a theme for the parade. My favourite theme last night was carried on by Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba School (7th video in the link bellow), celebrating Faith itself and the freedom of creed in our country.
 In this country christians, jewish, budists, muslims, and other people freely practice their religion and live in harmony.
Here the best moments of yesterday night show.
 Must go!
 Tonight´s show is about to get started!


  1. The pics are wonderful, and it looks like a wonderful celebration!

  2. O carnaval e muito popular em Ovar, Portugal tambem.