A little bit of sewing ...

... and lots of virtual visiting these days

My other home shows more of my recent virtual busy life. I want to sew but can´t do both at the same time and time runs fast. We all know it.

I suppose quilters / crafters / artists in general have unfinished works. Lots of, in fact. It comes along with the wish of experimenting new projects and ideas before having finished the one at hand. The bundle of unfinished works may be as high as one´s creativity. I´m not sure this statement is true but it´s worth giving it a try when people around you start complaining or challenging you to to get done with this.

I´ve been producing small "anti slaming doors devices". Don´t know how to name them properly in English. I call them door pillows at home. Useful in homes where windows are kept open (a habit in most Brazilian homes), when it´s windy outside, particularlly in homes where there are children, pets, patients and you don´t want the door to stay neither open nor closed. Or you just don´t want to hear slaming doors.

As you can see I´ve got a few in various stages  of production.

The first one I´ve made is tied to the kitchen door and helps me from opening and closing it for the dog to come in or go out. It keeps the door unclosed but allows me to listening to the tv without bothering the rest of the family when I´m cooking by myself.

I´m in the mood for cats these days, working on A Cat Lives Here series of wall hangers and pillows I´ll make sure to show you within a short time. The only picture taken is this one below. This one got started a long time ago.

This apparently calm feline has given me ideas. I´ve got quite a few ambitious projects in mind for the series coming soon in this same channel...

Happy sewing, quilting, drawing, painting, knitting, crocheting... whatever! Let´s go on!


  1. Olá Bia!!! Obrigada por sua visita!! E com certeza podemos trocar ideias de patch...Um abraço Patti

  2. Hi Bia, I found your blog by way of another blog! Don't you just love the internet and the blog world? I wanted to tell you that your door pillows are wonderful, I love them. As far as what I would call them in English...I think I would call them door pillows. It would be a draft dodger if it were to cover a space under the door that were drafty. We have those, drafty under door areas. You have a very nice blog, thank you for sharing, hugs, Elaine from Texas

  3. Looks like you're accomplishing a lot. Good job!