Straight from India they´ve come!  

I´ve got a Pukka Components´ Silk and Sparkle pack. The finest silk, organza in many beautiful hues and ...sparkles!  A Button Baubles pack is shown here too. Colors and textures just unbelievable.

I´ve got a pair of nervous hands to get started working with them. A thousand ideas came to my mind when I first saw them. Had to calm down a little before I´d start working!

I´m not sure I´ll use this piece in the project I have in mind. It´s so pretty I´ll show it anyway, though.

As I´ve said, I´ve got treasures.You can have them too. 

There are many items available at Pukka. 
It´s really worth a virtual visit  and a real purchase.  

What a shame! Such beautiful things and a lousy photographer !
Does anybody see a camera strip?


Long time no see!

I´ve been busy selling the apartment where I live while looking for another place to make it home and moving into.

I´ve kept track of your posts but I have not been able to do more than reading them. I´m also sorry for the delay in answering e-mails. I´ll be back soon, I hope. As soon as I can sit and write about the new home and all the sewing I´ll be doing in order to dress it up!

See you all soon!