A most terrifying thunderstorm took place in Curitiba, Southen Brazil, last evening. I couldn´t take a picture because it all looked grey from my window. Couldn´t see anything. Just lots of noise telling everyone the climate is changing - to the worse. I closed the windows and grabbed the dog, frightened to death. Poor Lua!  

The energy suplly station that feeds the section of town where I live had some kind of problem and 1700 homes have not had energy suppy for the last 14 hours. Not in my place, fortunatelly. We´ve had just a couple of hours before energy supply was restablished, but it was a nuisance, you bet. 

No light, no computer, no home phone, no sewing machine, no microwave, no tv, no radio, no elevator ... just candles and a lots of time to meditate. Middle age sort of thing and I´m not prepared for that! 

I´ve got this picture from the local newspaper online( www.gazetadopovo.com.br), sent by a reader (Luiz C Ceniz) this morning, showing the effects in front of his house and on somebody´s car. 

Many other trees must have come down, fires started, roofs ruined. 
Fortunatelly, no victims, so it seems. 

I worried about my daughter who had gone out joining a pre Carnaval street event. I´d figured she wouldn´t hear  the mobile phone ring with so much noise around her. Called her anyway. No answer. Just hoped everything was fine with her. She got home late, very excited, telling me it was great fun and the rain wash was wonderful. That´s better! Mothers don´t ever learn!

OK. Just to say I didn´t get weekend homework done!


  1. Sounds like it was a terrible storm! Glad your daughter got home safely.
    I, too, have a daughter and, even though she is 28, I still worry about her!! I guess it comes naturally to mothers to worry about our children!

  2. What a terrible storm...At least all of you are safe. Take care!