The very first pillow

I´ve tried working with patches once in a while over the past, say, 30 years or more. Not regularlly but in fits of courage that never lasted long. Poor results are discouraging.

I didn´t know how challenging patchwork really is until a very short time ago, when I saw a pretty set of pillows displayed in a shop. It made me feel like trying to sew something similar. The result wasn´t totally bad but it was far from what I had imagined. I blamed on the different colors, but I just knew I had been caught and wouldn´t stop easily!

I looked up for some information in the web and found out there is much more to patchwork that one can guess at first.

I fell in love with this craft, or art, as you wish, and I have learned it from bloggers. I´m in it now. Or... it´s in me. It has taken hold of me, made my days more colorful, more creative, and hopefully it will bring me new friends.

See ya!

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