What can I do out of these two?

I´ve grabbed two pieces of cross stitch I've had for quite some time and decided to make use of them. I don´t even remember what I'd got them started for.

The problem is I´m not up to sewing another pillow right now. I can´t figure what to do out of them.

Take a look at them!

I guess I wouldn´t like to make this first one square. Maybe a banner of some kind... to hang from my future new home wall... I love birds and keep a lot of greens inside.

My daughter thinks this next emboidery looks awful.

I´ve learned not to take teenagers very seriously in issues that don't particularlly concern them .

 I suppose I´m going ahead with it.

Do you think I should ... or ... I´d better I listen to her?


  1. You should go ahead! They are lovely.

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.
    It is nice to a girl from Brazil is very interested in what I do and I would so like to show you how I do.
    In Denmark it is freezing cold at this time, I imagine that there is a much better climate in Brazil, and I very much like your music, it's wonderful rhythms.
    I write in Danish and let Google translate, hope it is to understand
    Inge Greetings from Denmark


  3. Go for it! They are so pretty!

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do. You should go ahead and do what makes you happy. You only have to please yourself and enjoy it.