Fooling around with the scrap bin is what pleases me most in the quilting universe.

Projects made of scraps are always rewarding, never disappointing.

I suppose the fun lies on the fact that I can make as many mistakes as I want. No responsability at all. I don´t have to show myself the purchase that will soon show in the credit card bill was worthwhile. Makes me feel a thrifty lady! Wow!

Do you feel the same?
Do I have company in this?
Just let me know what time you´re coming for dinner, ok?


  1. I do! I've been sewing baby quilts from scraps and making crafts for a while now. I like to purchase as little as possible to make a complete project. It's very satisfying!

  2. Wish I could come for dinner, Bia!!
    Yes, I love to make things out of scraps and I love your placemats!!
    Come visit my blog and you'll see that I, too, have started a quilt!
    I love to use up fabrics that I love (like your cows!!).

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  4. I absolutely love your dishes!!!!!