A gift

I´m sending this to a friend as a gift. 
I hope she likes it.
I´m showing just part of it here 
so I don´t completely spoil the surprise in the remote
possibility she ever drops by.

I´ve never been to her home, so I thought I´d use many colors 
and still make a piece to easily fit in anywhere.
I won´t be disappointed if she places it in the kitchen. 
Isn´t the kitchen the best place in the home anyway?


  1. Very very pretty - the quilting is beautiful ! Did you do that on your regular sewing machine ?

    She is a very fortunate person to have you for a friend

  2. Thank you so much, Barbara. I´m sorry I could not post an answer in your own blog. I´ve signed as a follower with another blog, though, by mistake.
    Yes, I use a regular sewing machine, with the proper free motion quilting foot. I´m just getting started at it. You´ll be able to see much better pieces in the web, that´s for sure!
    Tks for visiting and leaving a coment. I really appreciate. Comments stimulate us, don´t they?

  3. It turned out just beautifully! You did a great job on the free motion quilting.

  4. What a beautiful gift, Bia! Your quilting is great - better than I could do! It will fit into any decor!!

  5. It's lovely! I'm sure she will love it.