Wishes coming true in 2010

I´ve got a 2010 calendar print from one of the fabric stores I buy from. It´s not fancy at all.  I decided to recycle it into a radionic or a wishes coming true  wall panel for a very special couple of friends who came over just when I was exploring my recently purchased sewing machine devices.

They plan to build a cottage and buy a new car this year.
These are two goals of theirs I´m aware of.

 I´ve also wished them ...
...money, luck....

... love, friendship...

 ...continuous enlightenment and success...

 Won´t hurt and I´m sure they pursue these too (although they don´t think much of money really).

One of them is an actor. At first I thought the white star would stand for both spiritual enlightenment and success. It didn´t seem clear enough to me, though.

We all know that success is a result of hard work + chance. So, I decided to add a red star standing for   success. Bloody individual effort + heavenly gift of opportunity . Maybe it´s not an evident, self explanatory symbol. If I tell them the idea, though, maybe it will work better than a cristallized, already assimilated symbol.

They chose the fabric that suited their taste better and have also contributed with a few stiches using my new sewing machine. It seemed too delicate for them. They were scared to get it broken, since they´d never used a sewing machine before.

The following day I decided to fool around with the idea of putting together the radionic panel. I can´t say it looks pretty, but, knowing them the way I do, I´m confident they´ll love it.

Hope it works! 
If we all hope so it will work for sure!


  1. I think this is a WONDERFUL idea!!!
    What a thoughtful and symbolic gift for your friends!
    I may make something like this for my own studio - I think you've come up with great way to invite abundance into someone's life.

  2. What a lovely idea. Like it very much!
    Have a blessed time