Anxiety is...

... having a pile of half way done projects + piles of ideas to get started on.

I love painting and drawing and everything handmade that is pretty to look at. I´d figured my experience in this field would help me on the quilting journey I´ve just got started. I hadn´t realized there is a lot about sewing I must  learn and practice. I put my sewing projects aside because they happen not to come out the way I´ve imagined them at first. Guess why?

I´m anxious to get started and don´t save time to draw it beforehands. I pick colors according to what I have in hands, get the squares cut, run to the sewing machine and  generally put them together in the wrong places. Wrong colors in the wrong places... as you can see.

Sewing is not like painting that you may cover whatever you dislike with another layer of  paint. I just feel unable to undo the sewing and starting all over again. So, I go on planting on illtreated ground, telling myself  maybe it will come out better than I had first imagined. It´s a pacifying thought only and it doesn´t last long. Poor soil, shabby crop.

I´ve brought the araucarias composition inside in order to keep staring at it. I´ve commited myself into getting  it finished no matter how disappointing it looks.

This posting sort of compromises me further... I need all the pressure I can get!!!


  1. I understand exactly how you feel. I've started projects and fell out of love with them because what looked good in my mind was awful once formulated in front of my eyes. LOL I've heard many say they use appliques to hide their blemishes. It's worth a try at least. Good luck!

  2. Applique in deed! cover anything! and adds a new element. Experiment away, the fabric is your canvas. ;-) happy sewing!