What a crazy weather

A nice thing about living in Curitiba, on the south plateau where it sits, is that we´re sure a tsunami won´t  reach us up here.

It´s summer time now and  it may (and does) get  uncomfortably warm. Everyone feels miserable, drags oneself around, feels like doing nothing and blames on the temperature. Suddenly, a most terrifying summer rain comes down and it gets chilly.

It warms up again in a short while after the storm is gone and so it goes, until it becomes cold and just in the Fall or earlier - no one can tell for sure.

(... and you thought it never ever got icy cold in the tropics...)

Two things I´ve learned for survival purposes - keeping an umbrella in my handbag and dressing like an onion, with layers of clothes that can be taken out and put on again in parts or in the whole. Large handbags are useful.

An ill tempered bipolar weather that seldom gets nice and when it does it`s just by mistake and then it doesn`t last long. It`s always been so and the global warming sort of makes it worst, causing floads and their unpredictable effects.

The vegetation seems to enjoy it, though. Before my time to turn into a cabagge comes, I`ll go on saying the climate here is contemptible and refuse to go into verbal conversation about it. Having to put up with the weather itself is bad enough. No need to make a mandatory conversation issue out of it,  as the native people seems to think it is. "Good morning! What acrazy weather, isn´t it?" I just smile. I haven´t lived here all my life but I´ve got used to it. Why don´t they?

Nice picture, however, looking at it I can tell it`s either way too warm or...
it`s a mistake soon to be corrected.

Downtown Curitiba in a cloudy (normal) day.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing all of the pics and they are really lovely. Curitiba seems like such a lovely city!
    Thanks for sharing!