It´s been so cold...

... it´s going to snow, people keep saying, with excitement in their voice. It´s going to snow, like it did before, in 1975.

Certainly hope not! We´re not prepared to it and, under the circumnstances,  I´m sure it wouldn´t be fun at all.

I´m lucky I can stay home. I don´t even look outside!

I work at home mainly, so, I´ve just gotten a bit of extra time and work done. Used a few scraps in small, quick and easy sewing projects.

Thought of a colorful towel to warm up the dining room.
It came out like this.

And something very simple to fit an antique silver tray.

I like the contrast!

Simple pleasures
(like a new look to an old tray),
 great joy!


  1. Your table quilt and the quilt for your tray are beautiful. It sounds so strange for you to be talking about snow when we're suffering from the heat here in Michigan, USA. Your English seems very good to me.

  2. Your table quilt is gorgeous! Hope it doesn't snow...my goodness snow!

  3. It is easy to forget that it is cold in another part of the world when it is so hot here! Your little quilts are very nice--they warm up your home on a cold day. Thanks for visiting my blog.