The feminine essence

I´ll be soon addressing or should I rather say sharing a series of talks about identifying, recognizing, enhancing, strengthening and living fully our feminine inner strengh and natural gifts.

At this time, immerse in this theme, I think it appropriate to illustrate this post with a picture of my beloved 20 yr old daughter and our Lua, an 11 yr lady daschund, which complete the regnant circle here at home.

Here they are!

Enjoying each other, as usual!

Creating, recicling, matching colours, imagining new shapes and looks, enjoying making and remaking ... all these are strong characteristics of the feminine nature. Most of us just can´t do without it and those who are, for one reason or another, unable to practice it daily must find their own way to put forward their criative urge in order to survive.

One of the most precious feminine characteristic is our sincere disposition for stimulating, encouraging, sharing and making other people grow/make it better/go on trying harder / evolve / echieve a higher level of expertise / help each other express our talent and get our ideals accomplished .This is something very clear and beautiful in the quilter´s blogsphere.

We´re so lucky we can learn from each other!


  1. Oh Bia, your daughter is beautiful! And Lua is so sweet! I agree with you that women in the blogosphere are very encouraging and supportive to each other. We are definitely a good loving force in the world!

  2. Very well said, it is true ,women in the blogospere are very sharing with there crafts, ideas, insperations,etc. Your daughter is very beautifull and your English is perfect.