Spring all year round

By this time it´s getting chilly in South Brazil, where I live. Orchids and pansies love the cold weather and, along with many other kinds, provide colour to the streets gardens.

I´ve be working on Nancy Halvorsen´s Garden Party panel and thinking how fortunate we are, in this corner of the world, to have flowers all year round. And also how exciting Spring is to those who live in snowy countries.

To all of you in the Nothern Hemisphere I wish a Merry Spring and a Happy New Year! Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, the one that gets the astrological year started. A time for renewal, getting new projects going or promoting a revival of the dormant ones. A time for hope and confidence.

So... lets enjoy the energy of Aries and get it all going. Fast, as Aries demands.


  1. Hi Bia,
    I love that garden party panel. Your part of the world sounds beautiful, and I love what you wrote about renewal. Thank you for your sweet comments about my kitty on my blog.

  2. That panel is so pretty! I have never seen one like that! Lovely!