New look to an ancient chair

This chair dates from the early XX Century. British colonial style, I used to be told when I was a child.  It surprised me to see many of them, exactly alike, at the Governor´s Palace in Jamestown, Virginia, USA. I could then understand what "British colonial style" ment.

Of course at the time my grandmother was decorating her summer apartment in Rio de Janeiro, on the second building to be built facing Copacabana Beach, there were not furniture stores. Families ordered from catalogs and had them handmade. It probably took artisans a long time to get them done, but time ran slower by then, I guess. 

Most people would go for Portuguese or French style but not my grandmother. She was  way too independent to follow the main track. I myself have never, ever, seen anything similar in Brazil.  Maybe it´s been popular in Commonwealth countries. I don´t know.

Today I decided to give it a new look, different from the traditional upholstery renewed from time to time.  New make up, starting with blush, shadows...

And it came out like this.

I´m not sure I like it, though. 

It seems sort of a heretic thing to do, doesn´t it?

I decided to think it over.

I´ll appreciate your opinion and comments. 


  1. Hi Bia,
    I don't think it's heretical at all. If you do a Google search for "patchwork chair", you'll see a whole bunch of images. I've been running into them for months. It seems the latest trend is to reupholster with patchwork.
    The table in the last pic .....TO DIE FOR!!!
    Congratulations on your English blog. I hope to read more soon.

  2. It is a beautiful chair, Bia, and you have made it very personal! I think you did a beautiful job!!

  3. The beauty of the wood and the colourful patchwork makes it stunning, so I think it is perfect! I think it is very striking!