A Christmas Miracle

The season made me get back to work and motivated me to improove the quality of my work. I´ve decided to master free motion quilting once and for all. It had always both fascinated and scared me.

I used to cheat but I knew I would, someday, do better than this.


I´ve watched videos posted by wondelful quilters. Once again I thank the generous people who share their expertise with curious beginners like myself. What a help! 

I´ve got two needles broken, tangled threads, many sections to undo but didn´t give it up. I was determined to master it. Now I can say I´m on the way to accomplishing this goal in the near future. 
Well, it may take me longer.
The important thing is: I´m having fun doing it.

This was my first trial. Doesn´t look good but it´s taught me quite a bit. 
 I´ve realized the coloured stripes should have been centered to start with,
although this has nothing to do with free motion quilting.

This second one has offered me quite a bit of free motion quilting practice.

Not perfect yet but it will look real good on my kitchen table. 

And last but not least a Christmasy piece. 

I tell you: I´ll get there!
Can´t do without it anymore!


  1. I am truly impressed and inspired!
    You are setting the example and now I'll follow you.
    That's wonderful work and you have done much more than I can do.

  2. Doreen , Houston, MN, USA12/2/10, 12:09 PM

    FMQ is addictive!!!! AND, you really never stop learning/perfecting this skill.....but it is so much fun!!!!! Really like your pieces. It is so easy to sit, focused, and do this quilting but I have found that a few moments spent getting up and moving, then coming back gives me refreshed energy and posture!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Doreen. So far I have taken brakes as often as I mess it all up and have to undo the stitching. I´ll keep your advise in mind, though. Tks.

  4. Bia, Good for you!!
    You have great persistence and what you are accomplishing is fantastic! I do believe that, if we work hard enough at something, we will achieve it!! It was great hearing from you on my blog, also!
    Hope your holidays are happy!

  5. hi Bia.. nice work.. i'm a beginner too.. looking at your FMQ really makes me want to practice more and more.. :)