We are the World

Tempo is a Portuguese word for both Time and Climate. Time and climate both go on changing all the time,  both charge us with scars.  Even more so in 2010 which has just started and seems to tell us, reminds us, everyday ""there are no certainties". Way too warm below the Equator, more than average cold and snow above. Tornados, floods, drouts...

And the tectonic movements joined Cronus´ chorus line: no certainties for Haiti, Chile, Açores,  Turkey, Argentina, Brazil... Uncertainties everywhere on Earth.

This We are the World chorus video reminds us, in a very particular way, how transitory everything and everyone really is, and also that only love, compassion and caring for each other may ever comfort us along our uncertain path.

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  1. I agree with what you are saying...the global warming and weather conditions are going to cause many negative effects around the world, and we really do need to be supportive of each other in times of need.