Yellow Fairy

This little one had been sitting on a shelf for quite a long time.

She´s about ready to fly now.

Next time she sits again she´ll brighten some child´s room and dreams.


Seen in Ohio

This is the picture my American Mom´s sent me today. 
I thought I´d share it with those of you who live closer to Ohio than I do but may have missed this! 

So much snow scares me. Hope it´s soon gone.


Mug Rugs

I´ve just loved to sew mug rugs. The perfect size for me to practice  techniques I´ve learned from other bloggers (thanks again and again), like paper piecing and FMQ.  I had not yet tried those until a few weeks ago.

My daughter´s  taken this one for herself

This is my own favourite one so far

This was the first one and  I keep it  beside the computer.

Many others I´ve sewn and are gone. 

Today I´ll try some FMQ on these pieces I´ve got started 
and make something useful out of my practice.

Hope to have a nice day quilting
and wish you the same.


A gift

I´m sending this to a friend as a gift. 
I hope she likes it.
I´m showing just part of it here 
so I don´t completely spoil the surprise in the remote
possibility she ever drops by.

I´ve never been to her home, so I thought I´d use many colors 
and still make a piece to easily fit in anywhere.
I won´t be disappointed if she places it in the kitchen. 
Isn´t the kitchen the best place in the home anyway?


Must share

Nothing to do with our quilting.

This has to do with God´s embroidery.


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The video has been withdrawn from Youtube. Sorry.
At this time you must have seen it on tv many times, though.



Fooling around with the scrap bin is what pleases me most in the quilting universe.

Projects made of scraps are always rewarding, never disappointing.

I suppose the fun lies on the fact that I can make as many mistakes as I want. No responsability at all. I don´t have to show myself the purchase that will soon show in the credit card bill was worthwhile. Makes me feel a thrifty lady! Wow!

Do you feel the same?
Do I have company in this?
Just let me know what time you´re coming for dinner, ok?